AA Top to Bottom Exterior Cleaning & Home Repairs | Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres FL

We are a locally owned and operated company that was established to help the Greater Fort Myers and Lehigh Acres area with their pressure washing and handyman needs. Our pressure washing service is second to none and we take pride in restoring and brightening Florida properties with various washing techniques that are environmentally friendly and up to city and county codes. No job is too big or small; we have the capability of cleaning small homes to large commercial properties. We are fully licensed and insured and ready to serve you today!


Pressure Power Cleaning & Soft Washing Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, FL

Whether you need us to soft wash a home or roof or if you need us to power wash a parking garage or shopping center, AA Top to Bottom Exterior Cleaning and Home Repairs has the proper, well maintained equipment to get the job done right the first time! Hard water pressure washing is great at graffiti and stubborn stain removal. Soft washing is the newest washing technique that will effectively treat and kill unwanted mold and algae on your property’s siding, roofs and other surfaces. Mold, mildew, algae, grime and dirt that collects on your home or buildings siding, brick or stucco walls can be an eyesore and also eat the texture of your paint if left unattended. We have trained, experienced technicians who conduct their work in a respectful and safe manner. If your home or business is dirty, give us a call today!


Florida Driveway Cleaning

Very often, driveways are the first impression of a house or building. Driveways can be full of caked on dirt, grime, algae, rust and oil stains. If you belong to an HOA they frown upon neglected and dirty looking driveways and in turn will often send you a violation letter. Revive your property’s curb appeal today with a driveway wash from AA Top to Bottom Exterior Cleaning and Home Repairs and see that old and dull driveway come back to life!


Gutter Cleaning in & Around Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, FL

Unfortunately, many customers neglect gutter cleaning even though it provides so many benefits. A smooth flowing gutter not only helps prevent harm to your home and other buildings, but it can also help your gutters from getting dingy. We take pride in assisting our customers with the necessities of keeping up with the maintenance of their home or business while saving them money in the long run. If your gutters are not operating like they are supposed to, contact AA Top to Bottom Exterior Cleaning and Home Repairs to schedule your next cleaning and maintenance.


Knowledge is Power! We stay on the leading edge of our industry by staying abreast with all new trends and techniques. We have safer and more cost efficient, innovating methods and options that our customers benefit from and love doing business with!


Handyman & Home Repair Services In Florida

If you have a busy schedule that make home repairs hard to get to or some of your “To Do” items are just overwhelming and unmanageable, we can help. It only takes one call to solve all your home repair problems! We offer professional, reliable and on time service. We complete all major and minor home repairs in a quick, efficient manner while allowing you to spend your time on more important things – like your family and career. High quality and consistent work means that every home repair, installation and maintenance job gets done right the first time, at a price that makes sense.


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