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There is a series of pipes that are ran around the outer edge of homes across the United States; and Fort Myers, Florida is no exception. These pipes, otherwise known as gutters are exposed and open on the top to allow water to collect from the roof and drain through the channels out of a downspout. The downspouts are located in a particular spot that will allow the water to run off safely without causing a problem. The gutters are an open channel which means that they can easily be filled with particles and debris. When this happens the gutters can become stopped up and blocked so the water can no longer drain to the designated area. This can lead to not just the gutters but the fascia of the home being damaged. In addition, the water will drain in places you may not want like the foundation of your home or over a walkway. Gutter clearing and cleaning are constant maintenance items on the list of chores that need to be done. The problem is that gutters are high up on the house and they can actually be quite hard to clean; especially when you don’t have the right equipment or know what you are doing. The work is dangerous to start off because you are high on a ladder trying to remove debris. The other problem is without the right tools the work is very slow going. The best method to clean out gutters and the downspouts is to use a pressure washer. Although it seems easy enough, pressure washing is a science and left to the professionals. If it is not done right it can also cause damage.

AA Top to Bottom Exterior Cleaning & Home Repair Lists What Could Be Blocking Your Gutters & Downspouts

Twigs, Leaves, Dirt & Mud: One of the most popular items that are found in gutters is from the trees that are normally hanging all around the house. They are full of leaves and twigs that at some point will fall off. The problem is that the gutter channel is open and is a great place for all these twigs and leaves to land. The other place they tend to land in on the actual roof and the wind will send them down the pitch of the home straight into the gutters. Once they are cozy in the gutter they probably won’t leave unless someone takes them out. Along with the leaves and the twigs is dirt that settles quickly down in the gutter and when the water comes it turns into thick mud. The mud sometimes referred to as sludge is so thick that it is difficult to clean out.
Nests From Birds & Wild Animals: When a small animal is looking for a place to make a nest they are looking for some place that has some cover. Inside the gutter is a great spot to stop and nest away. The nest of a bird, mouse, or other wildlife can easily be found around the gutters causing some major backup. They use pieces from around the yard to make the nest which can include toys, fabric, leaves and anything else they find useful.
Living Plants: That may seem weird to say but a small plant has all that it needs in a gutter filled with mud. It has dirt, water and sunlight in a perfect little planter box. A plant can start to sprout from the gutter and the roots can take control. Once that happens more damage can come as the roots continue to run along the gutters.

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Gutters are designed to provide a runoff for the rain and water that falls on your roof. In order for the gutter to work properly they must be cleaned of fallen leaves and other debris that may have fallen inside of them. If gutters are not properly cleaned and maintained, they will eventually corrode and even start to de-attach from the side of the roof. In turn, this will cause structural damage. This is why, as you do your gutter cleaning. you should inspect for signs that you gutters are in need of repair or even replacements. AA Top to Bottom Exterior Cleaning & Home Repair will share a few tips on how to clean your gutters and look for signs of damage and any needed repair.

Tricks for How to Clean Stained & Clogged Gutters

With the rain Cape Coral had this season, you might have noticed your gutters appear packed or that the water is running off in the wrong areas. This is a clear sign you need to clean your gutters. For those who are comfortable on a ladder, proceed with the following steps to clean your gutter. However be aware of the risks of falling so please proceed with caution.

Gutter Blaster; How to Unclog a Gutter

Start by using a small gardening shovel to scoop out any of the loose leaves and debris that might have blown inside the gutters. You might be surprised as to what you may find inside them. Start by the drain of the gutter system and work your way out. You will find it easier to put the debris in a bucket or a garbage bag as you clean out the gutter. Next use a hose to clean out the gutters. You might find using a nozzle that produces a high pressure will help remove much of the dirt, mud, and decayed leaves that settled in your gutters. There might be a clog in the drain pipe if the water doesn’t flow freely. That means the clog will need to be cleared as well. A toilet snake does a great job in loosening and clearing out leaves and other debris that might be inside the drain.

Best Time to Clean Gutters … and Perform Repairs and Maintenance Too

You should clean your gutters in the spring and autumn to keep up on maintenance so they are clear and able to flow the rain water away from your home. While you’re cleaning your gutter, check for any needed repairs or maintenance that they might require. If you notice the water has been running off the side of the gutters and onto the siding of the house, your gutters might’ve become loose and stripping away from the sides of the roof. This doesn’t just pose a problem with the side of your home, but also your roof. You should reattach and realign the gutter so that the water flows correctly. Another challenge with gutters is the rust. Rust often eats the metal gutters creating weakness or holes for the water to run out of. This in turn will pour down the side of your home. You will either need to replace the section that has rusted or if it is minor you can sand and reseal the rusted areas to extend the life of the gutter.

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AA Top to Bottom Exterior Cleaning & Home Repair knows that it can be hard to find the time or even have the ability to climb up and down ladders to clean out your gutters. We provide gutter cleaning services and help repair any damage done to them as well. If you need assistance cleaning your gutters and maintaining them in the Cape Coral area, contact AA Top to Bottom Exterior Cleaning & Home Repair today. We will have your gutters cleaned, repaired and functioning properly.