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When the weather is exceptional, many people enjoy their time outdoors. Whether it is to host a lavish event, watch the kids play without a care, or to find some intimate alone time under the sun, no matter what you chose to do, it is often on the deck. But after enduring the long cold months, where the deck was neglected, maybe even used as a convenient storage spot, the deck has likely accumulated some clutter, dirt and debris, and taken some other effects from the impact of neglect. Depending on the wear and circumstances, the deck will likely need a little tender love and care, at the very least a deep cleaning to remove the compacted, layered dirt and mud, fallen leaves, sticks, as well as any evidence of mildew or mold, and other such debris will need to be cleaned spotless in time to enjoy the nice weather. AA Top to Bottom Exterior Cleaning and Home Repair would like to share a few benefits of investing in a professional pressure cleaning to get your deck the ultimate level of cleaning.

Why Hire a Pressure Washing Company to Clean Your Decks?

1) Easy and Efficient Cleaning. Deck maintenance is a laborious task, even if it all requires is a deep cleaning just before spring. It requires everything to be removed from the trash, furnishings, toys, and anything else collecting space. Sweeping the accumulated dirt and debris thoroughly with a push broom follows. With basic cleaning with a broom the fine dust is worked out of the grain and crevices to ensure all soil is completely removed. Next, scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees with a bucket and brush, including the handrails and steps finishes the cleaning. Once dried, and you have taken time, sweat, and energy to finish the task, all the furniture will need to be replaced with any leftover stamina you can conjure. Instead, a professional can have the deck cleaned quickly and more efficiently in less than half the time using state-of-the-art equipment and high-end products to clean, sanitize, and deodorize your deck.
2) Deck Aesthetics. No matter how immaculate the exterior of your home is, when the deck looks like it has seen better days, it brings down the overall presentation of your home. Pressure cleaning your deck can easily enhance the curb appeal.
3) Important as a Pretreatment. If your deck requires a refinishing maintenance, getting your deck pressure washed before the finish is applied and after the sanding step, can ensure a smooth, even, and beautiful outcome.
4) Quality Equipment and Cleaners. There are pressure cleaning equipment for rent and cleaners you can buy at most home improvement stores. These are low grade machines that do not have the potential the pros use and the products are not top quality as those that are available to licensed professionals. The products and equipment that are for professional use are highly more efficient at getting the job done.
5) Increased Safety. Professionals are adequately trained and experienced to use the pressurized equipment to effectively clean without causing damage. Those trying to use the machines themselves often damage their decks because they lack the training to use machine properly, which leads to costly repairs.

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Now is a great time for deck cleaning. If your deck could use a quick and efficient professional pressure cleaning, call in experts of AA Top to Bottom Exterior Cleaning and Home Repair to get your deck looking pristine.