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To make sure the presentation is immaculate, many homeowners take pride in their homes and do everything they can. The yard is kept tidy and organized in addition to a well-manicured landscape. One thing many people find beneficial in maintaining the overall, aesthetics, health and condition of the exterior of your home and property, is pressure washing services. However, many are simply unsure when they are needed. Where there are too many variables to schedule a specific time, when you notice some signs around the property, you know a pressure cleaning can help make the properly clean and sanitized. Today, we at AA Top to Bottom Exterior Cleaning & Home Repair would like to share some signs the exterior of your home could use a pressure washing service.

Black Algae & Other Stains on Roof

Normal deterioration from age, enduring long term forms of various weather as well as other wear and tear are a natural development for a roof over time. Of course, when the wear and tear occur, repairs are necessary. However, the discoloration that manifests is a sign that your roof needs a cleaning. Along the rooftop, the black marks, are not stains just caused from dirt or plants, for instance. More often than not, the unsightly streaks are forms of algae that eats limestone. Also, they can be a buildup of residual pollution and debris. In any case, all of these substances expedite the decay of the roof. To not only avoid costly replacement or repairs, but to also enhance the curb appeal, a pressure cleaning is the fastest and most effective solution.

Dirty House Can Cause a High Energy Bill

An indication a pressure cleaning for the home is in order, is rather surprising, and that is if the energy bills reflect higher amounts. If there are no signs of any of the windows or doors needing repairs or other sources, and the energy bill is unusually high, the home’s exterior is caked with dirt or snow. The bill is increased because your HVAC system has to work harder to compensate.

Mold & Mildew on Outside of House

Not only do you need a pressure cleaning, but you need it sooner than later, when spotting any mold or mildew growth on the exterior of your home. A quick reaction is needed because mold spreads quickly and can easily get inside. Mold and mildew are not only gross looking, but it is also unsanitary as it affects your health and as an allergen, it can trigger allergies and asthma attacks. Mold and mildew can also contribute to property damage if it finds its way inside.

Stained Concrete Driveway

Within a short amount of time, the abuse driveways endure can show. Being fairly porous, the concrete absorbs dirt quickly and easily and that buildup of gunk is very common in addition to the chewed gum, oil stains, dirt and debris, as well as mold growth. Driveways often need more frequent pressure cleaning services and with regular maintenance, you can preserve the longevity, safety, and overall appearance.

Power Washing as Preparation Before Painting or Staining

In the event you are looking to refinish the deck or repaint the home, definitely consider pressure washing first. Without it, the finished result often looks patchy and uneven because even the highest quality paints and finishes have difficulty sticking and covering dirt and filth. A pressure wash can ensure a better result.

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